Looking for an Employment Opportunity at Avondale Center?


WEB Ventures

TCB and the Avondale Coalition of Churches have partnered with HGC Construction and SVN|Ricore to assure jobs created at the new Avondale Center provide opportunities to members of the Avondale community.  WEB Ventures provides professional consulting services for Diversity and Inclusion and will help implement that commitment. WEB Ventures has developed a framework to promote and support economic inclusion in development activities and have recently updated their website to include job postings to make the application process even more accessible. A direct link to the job postings can now be found on this website’s navigation bar.

New JObs Tab

Additionally, there is now a kiosk where people can view job descriptions and instructions for completing the online application for job interviews. The kiosk is located on the north east side of the North Building at the intersection of Mann Place and Reading Road.

Jobs Kiosk

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