Weather Delays

Jan 3rd Angle Two

Construction activities continue to be limited this week due to frozen ground and now the rain is moving in unfortunately adding to the delay.  We currently have some concrete and plumbing work ongoing at the North site today along with some soil haul off generated from the foundation and concrete work.

We will continue to monitor the weather forecast and keep you updated on any changes to our work plan. Currently there is a significant chance for ice and snow in the forecast for Friday and Saturday this week as Winter Storm Hunter moves east.  We will continue to monitor the storm’s path and make preparations as necessary.

HGC is working to mark up a plan of the church indicating where the exterior security lights are planned.  This information will be posted as soon as we receive it. 

Additionally, an inquiry has been made to the city regarding the ice on the sidewalk along Reading Road, it is possible there could be a water main break, we are waiting to hear back from the city.

Thanks everyone for your help and support!


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