Congressman Brad Wenstrup’s Visit

On Thursday July 5th Congressman Brad Wenstrup of Ohio’s 2nd District visited the Avondale Town Center site. The Community Builder’s Senior Project Manager Libbie Au provided an overview of the project highlighting what it would bring to Avondale (Health Center, new apartments, laundromat, grocery store, etc.) Au was also able to talk about the financing structure that helped make it happen, including the use of HUD Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant funds, Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) and New Market Tax Credits (NMTC) as the corner stones of the project.  Additionally, they spoke about HR 1661 which is a bill to update the LIHTC system and how beneficial the adjustments would be to the program, especially the income averaging allowing TCB to better serve the lower income populations. Congressman Wenstrup was particularly interested in our economic inclusion work for contracting and hiring and how we were working with HGC, RWB and WEB Ventures to provide job opportunities for people in the neighborhood.



One Reply to “Congressman Brad Wenstrup’s Visit”

  1. I really don’t see where it is helping with low income rent except for certain people, elderly are still being charger market rent and on disability where you have women who are fully able too have a job or be in school choose too sit on their butts and do nothing reaping the benefits. Paying ZERO rent. I really do feel that is is found to be fair. I have always paid market based rent not that I have reached the age of 63 and receiving disability I should be getting a break somewhere in this city.


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